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In the Machine translation category of the Options dialog, you can enable, disable, and configure machine translation plugins that connect your copy of memoQ to external machine translation systems.

If you wish to use MT plugins with your memoQ server, read this Knowledge Base article.

Caution: This category and the corresponding pane does not appear if at least one machine translation plugin is not installed. Machine translation plugins are not part of memoQ: you need to acquire them separately. If you need to acquire a machine translation plugin, contact Kilgray or go directly to the website of the provider to acquire the plugin.

How to begin

In the Application menu, go to Options > Options. Click the Machine translation category on the left.


This dialog allows you to enable, disable, or configure machine translation plugins.

Offer machine-translated results while working in the translation grid: Check this check box to turn on machine translation while you work in the translation grid. Suggestions from the machine translation systems will appear in the Translation results pane of the translation grid. Machine-translated  suggestions are displayed in purple color (the same as suggestions from fragment assembly). memoQ will perform machine translation through plugins that are enabled in the list of plugins.

Only if there is no good TM match available radio button: If this is selected, memoQ will not perform machine translation if there is a match from the active TMs with a 'good' match rate (by default, this is 85% or better).

Only if there is no exact TM match available radio button: If this is selected, memoQ will nod perform machine translation if there is a 100% or 101% match from the active TMs.

Always radio button: If this is selected, memoQ always performs machine translation, regardless of the available TM matches.

In the Installed machine translation plugins list, each plugin has an Options button and an Enable plugin check box.

Options: Opens an Options dialog specific to the plugin. In most cases, you can set the URL for an online machine translation system, and specify your user name and password.

Important: You might need to register with the machine translation portal before you can use its plugin in memoQ. You cannot register from within memoQ: open the machine translation portal in your web browser instead.

Enable plugin: By checking this check box, you turn on that specific machine translation plugin for lookups while you are working in the translation grid.

Preferred: Check this check box to make one MT plugin the preferred one. A MT plugin can only be a preferred one when it is configured and activated.

Important: The Preferred plugin is used for pre-translation when falling back to MT. When you have automatic insertion enabled, the results from the preferred MT plugin are inserted.

Note: If there is no preferred MT plugin activated, configured or does not support the current language combination, memoQ will not insert a MT match for the automatic insertion of the best result nor in pre-translation.

Note: You can use multiple MT engines if you have them enabled. In the translation grid, you receive lookup results from all enabled MT plugins.


Click OK to close the Options dialog, saving all changes made, or click Apply to save changes while keeping the dialog open. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.


Important: Search the Kilgray Knowledge Base for more information on specific MT plugin details. The MT provider pages were given at the time of writing.