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memoQ can connect to public translation memory services through the Internet. Such public translation memory services offer federated content, which means that the service is maintained by a consortium of organizations or a community who share some of the translation memory contents they own. In a federated translation memory service, some content is always available free of charge. Some other parts of the contents are offered on a subscription basis.

memoQ can use these services similarly to remote translation memories. Currently, two services are supported: myMemory and TAUS TDA.

When you work in the translation grid, memoQ can offer exact and fuzzy matches from these services. You will get regular matches: the technical difference is that memoQ retrieves these matches over the network, by means of service-specific plugins. The myMemory and TAUS plugins are always pre-installed with memoQ.

Note: Retrieving matches from external services takes longer than from local or even remote memoQ translation memories. You may have to wait up to 20-30 seconds before a match arrives.

Important: Neither of the plugins are guaranteed to contain matches for any text. If you do not receive a match, it does not indicate a program or a network error: it is more likely that the external service has no match for your current segment.

How to begin

In the Application menu, go to Options > Options. The Options dialog appears. In the Category list on the left, click TM Plugins.


You can turn TM plugins on and off in general, using the check boxes under the Lookup options label:

Perform TM plugin lookup while working in the translation grid: Check this check box if you want to receive matches from external translation memory services along with your own translation memories, term bases, or LiveDocs corpora. If you uncheck this check box, memoQ will not turn to these external services at all. The check box is checked by default.

Include TM plugin results in automatic lookup and insertion: Check this check box if you want memoQ to get matches from the external services automatically. If the check box is checked, and the best match comes from an external service, the match is automatically inserted in the translation grid, unless you start typing before the match arrives. If this check box is unchecked, you need to use the Scan segment command to receive results from TM plugins. The check box is checked by default.

Consult TM plugins in concordance searches: This check box is currently greyed out. At the time of writing, memoQ does not support concordance searches in external services. It will be included in a future release in memoQ.

In the Installed TM plugins list, each TM plugin has an Options button and an Enable plugin check box.

Options: Opens an Options dialog specific to the translation memory plugin. Each plugin might have different settings.

For myMemory options, see this topic.

For TAUS TDA options, see this topic.

For TMXMALL options, see this topic.

Important: You might need to register with the translation memory portal before you can use its plugin in memoQ. You cannot register from within memoQ: open the  translation memory portal in your web browser instead. Built-in plugins connect to http://mymemory.translated.net/ (myMemory) and http://www.tausdata.org/ (TAUS).

Enable plugin: By checking this check box, you turn off that specific translation memory plugin for lookups while you are working in the translation grid.


Click OK to close the Options dialog, saving all changes made, or click Apply to save changes while keeping the dialog open. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.