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When the assigned user clicks the Deliver/return button on the Documents ribbon tab to deliver a translation, the return package (*.mqback) is created. Or the package is automatically uploaded to the memoQ server, processed, and the project is updated. memoQ confirms the segments to the TM on delivery and updates the TM.

A package can be delivered by the translator or reviewer in:

uploading the package directly to the memoQ server (there is no document synchronization),

uploading the package to memoQWeb,

sending the package in an e-mail.

Note: By default, memoQ attempts to connect to the memoQ server to send the package immediately. Once the file transfer was successful, the memoQ server will automatically import the return package, and update the memoQ project. The dialog to save the return package as *.mqback file only appears if the user has no access to your memoQ server.

If the translator was connected to the memoQ server, the package was uploaded directly. You can see the delivered packages in the Delivery overview of the Packages pane. If the translator sent you an e-mail with the *.mqback file, you need to manually import the package in the Delivery overview of the Packages pane.

After memoQ updated the project with the delivered package, the next workflow step is invoked. The  package for the next actor in the workflow is created and distributed.