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When you launch the project, the project participants are notified as in online projects without packages.

In the memoQ online project, click the Settings icon on the left. Then click the Communication icon:

Here you have 2 package specific options in the Document assignment and workflow-related notifications section: Missed deadline and Upcoming deadline in the next 24 hours. You receive an e-mail notification when a deadline of a user is missed and when there is an upcoming deadline. memoQ is checking the deadlines every 30 minutes and then sends the notification e-mails in a batch. Check the Update package available check box to get notification on available update packages, e.g. the project changed and a new package was created.

The newly active user is notified when a package is delivered or returned. You as the project manager can also put yourself in CC to all e-mails being sent out.

You can also customize the e-mail notifications for packages which you sent out for your memoQ online projects. In the Server administrator, click Configuration and logging. Navigate to the E-mail templates tab. Here you can customize the package related e-mail templates.