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To pre-translate the documents in an online project, you need to open the project in the memoQ online project dialog:

1.On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. The Manage projects dialog opens.

2.In the Server URL box, select or type the address of your memoQ server. This will be the server where you create the project.

3.memoQ might prompt you for a user name and a password. Type a user name and a password that is the member of the Administrators group on the memoQ server. memoQ displays a list of projects that are already stored on that server.

4.In the Manage projects dialog, select the project, then click the Manage link. The project opens in the memoQ online project dialog.

To perform the pre-translation, follow the steps below:

1.In the memoQ online project dialog, navigate to Translations. In the Target language drop-down box (at the top right corner of the memoQ window), select a target language. You cannot perform  pre-translation with All languages selected.

2.If you do not want to perform pre-translation on the entire project, select the documents you want to pre-translate. Make sure you select at least one document.

3.Below the document list, click the Pre-translate link. The Pre-translate dialog appears.

4.Select the appropriate options for the pre-translate operation, then click OK.

See also: For a detailed description of options in the Pre-translate dialog, see the Pre-translate dialog topic.

You can also pre-translate individual documents if you check out the project for translation or review/revision. This can be done either from the Translations pane of Project home, or from the translation grid.