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Permissions for light resources

Light resources are auto-translatable rules, segmentation rules, non-translatable lists, ignore lists, AutoCorrect lists, filter configurations, keyboard shortcuts, export path rules, QA settings, and TM settings.

How to begin

To set permissions over a light resource, open the Resource console (in the Application menu or from the Quick Access Toolbar), select a light resource, then right-click the name of the resource, then choose Set permissions. The Permissions dialog appears.


Here is the description of each permission:

Admin: This permission type allows the user or group to perform all operations with the resource.

Change: This permission type allows the user or group to make changes to the resource.

Use: This permission type allows the user or group to only use the resource without being allowed to make changes.


Click OK to close the Permissions dialog and save all changes, or click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without saving changes.