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Reassigning documents

You may want to assign a document to someone else after the documents were already assigned and the packages created.

After you launched the project and the packages were created, the document assignments in the Translations pane are locked. The documents appear in a grey background, and the Lock icon next to Translations is closed:

The following command links are then not available and grayed out:

Confirm and update rows, Pre-translate, Assign, Auto-assign, Change workflow status

You can click the Lock icon next to Translations to unlock the document assignments and to reassign the documents. The document background is no longer gray, it turns white. The Lock icon appears open:

PM override mode

It is not possible to deliver a not fully translated document, but if it is absolutely necessary to deliver a partially translated file, the translator can export this file as MQXLZ file. You as project manager can then override the package workflow and import the MQXLZ file into the project.

If the user is assigned to the Reviewer 1 or Reviewer 2 user role, he can return the package to the previous actor in the workflow. When the user decides to return the package to the previous actor, memoQ will automatically update the package for the previous actors.