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This process enables you to translate or partially translate segments using the active translation memories or LiveDocs corpora. Whenever a translation for a specific source segment is available in the translation memory or corpus, it is used to fill in the related target segment. This way all good matches are inserted at once, which saves time for the translators as they need to check the translation results pane less frequently. It also gives them some high-quality raw material to work on instead of letting them start from scratch.

Project managers can also leverage pre-translation to save money as they can hand off pre-translated files with all 100% or 101% matches inserted, confirmed and locked. The Reports or the Statistics tool then enables them to inform team members on the actual number of segments they are expected to translate.

It is a good idea to use this function if the active translation memories or corpora are likely to yield a large number of high-rate matches. By default, only exact matches are inserted during the process, but the settings can be changed using the Pre-translate dialog after clicking Pre-translate on the Preparation ribbon tab.

Note: Alignment in LiveDocs corpora has a default penalty of 15%, therefore even if there is an exact match to the segment, pre-translation with exact matches will not insert it - use Any match.

Caution: You might not be able to pre-translate document in an online project while memoQ server is running an automated task on the same project. In this case, you will receive a message with the advice to wait a few minutes. This is not an error: you can continue with pre-translation in a few minutes.


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