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When you are a member of a light-weight PM group, you can create online projects or projects from a template - depending on the settings made in the Group properties. You can use project templates that you have permission to.

Note: You can use light-weight PM groups in online environments (also in memoQWeb), the functionality is not affecting local projects.

Create an online project. If you have only permission for template based projects, then the commands for non-template based are disabled. Project creation fails when you use a template with resources you have no permissions for. If you create an online project from a template, you need to have at least lookup permission for the resources specified in the template. You cannot use TMs as working or master when you do not have Update permission.

After you created an online project as member of a light-weight PM group, you can see your projects in the Dashboard. However, you cannot see projects from others unless you were explicitly added as project managers in a particular project. When assigned to a project as project manager, you can open and manage the project.

Note: If you are a member of the Administrators group, you have full access to projects created by light-weight PMs. If you are a member of the Project managers group, you will not automatically have access to these projects.

Assign users to roles and documents in your project. You can assign users who are members of an "assigned group" of the project-enabled custom group and to other light-weight PM group users who are members of the same project-enabled custom group.

Resource handling

Similar to project creation, you also have explicit permission to create resources. You have administrative permissions for the resources you create as light-weight PM group member. As member of a light-weight PM group, you can also create a term base in qTerm (Kilgray's browser-based terminology add-on for memoQ server).

Note: If the resource creator is removed from the light-weight PM group, or the light-weight PM group has no longer the project-enabled attribute, still all existing permissions are preserved. You have the same privileges as you would be member of the Publishers group.

If you have no explicit permission for a resource, this resource is not listed for you in the Resource Console. You cannot use these resources unless you are granted explicit permission for it. If you are granted only Lookup permission, you can add this resource to your projects as reference TM, but not as working or master TM.

During the project your permissions for resources may change, e.g. you have an Update permission for a resource (for example to a TM), then you can add this TM to your project as working or master TM. This update permission might be revoked and you are only granted Lookup permission, then this will not affect the project. Your master TM will remain the master TM. You are still a project member and are able to update the TM even after you lost the Update permission.

If for some reasons the Group properties are changed, i.e. the check box for Members can start projects is unchecked, which means to lose the project-enabled attribute as group, then projects that were created by its members preserve their permissions. As member of this group, you can no longer start projects, but you can still access already created projects - projects, that you created as your group membership still granted you to create online projects.


Note: As member of a light-weight PM group, you cannot access the Server administrator. You can also not access the Web User Management tabs in memoQWeb

See also:

Managing users and groups

Set permissions


Compatibility note: Compatibility issues only arise when either the memoQ server or the memoQ client does not support light-weight PM groups. When only the memoQ server supports it (memoQ 2015 and higher), then this functionality to use light-weight PM groups is lost in the memoQ client. When only the memoQ client supports light-weight PM groups (means the memoQ server version is 2014 R2 or lower), then the creation of online projects and online resources is only allowed for members of the Project mangers and Administrators groups.