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The Overview pane in the memoQ online project dialog allows you to

add or remove target languages in the project;

see the documents not started (sorted by language or by user);

see which documents need your attention (e.g. delivery date overdue);

metadata of your project.

The Overview pane has several sections: project progress, project attributes and events requiring your attention.

Note: If you work on the project as a subvendor group manager, you will see a restricted view of the memoQ online project window. Click here to view the Help topic on the restricted view of the Overview pane.

How to begin

Open an online project for management: On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command link below the list. In the memoQ online project dialog, click the Overview icon on the left.

In an online project, the Overview pane has 2 sections:

Project progress

In the Project progress section, the number of documents are displayed by state:

Finished: The document has been delivered by the last actor assigned to it.

In progress: At least one actor has not delivered the document yet.

Not started: The documents have not been worked on yet.

Requires attention: The document is overdue. The delivery date was passed.

You need to hover over each section to display further information: all documents are listed by their target language. Use the arrow icons to show or hide the documents and its status for each target language. You can sort by target language or by user. Click the By language button to sort the list by target language. Click the By user button to sort the document list by user. You can also click on a document and memoQ jumps directly to this document.


Project attributes

In the Project type and languages section, you see the project template you are using for this project (if applicable). If your project is connected to a content source, then you also see this connection in this section. If you use a project template, then the Overview pane has a second tab: Project settings. On this tab, you find information on the project template for your project.

See also: Autopiloting a project

The Project attributes section shows the meta-information and the source and target languages for the project.

You can add new target languages here. To do this, click the Add new target language button. The Add new language to project dialog appears where you can set up the additional target language(s) for your project.

Note: You cannot remove target languages from an online project.

No project tracking in Language Terminal: In memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 or later), it is not possible to track online projects in Language Terminal. The Overview pane of online projects does not have a Language Terminal section, unlike in local projects. This restriction is temporary: Language Terminal capabilities will return to online projects in a future release of memoQ.

In the Events requiring your attention section below, you see events that need attention, e.g. delivery overdue or documents are ready for delivery.

Note: The Project automation tab is only visible when you created your project from a template. On this tab, you see all project template settings. When you turn off the autopilot, automated actions are still executed. Use the Project automation tab to turn off automated actions as well.


To switch to another pane in in the memoQ online project dialog, click its icon. The name of the active pane is set in bold. To exit the memoQ online project dialog, click the Close () button in the top right corner.


See also:

Autopiloting a project