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The People pane provides for adding or removing users in the project. You have to add users first before you can assign them to roles (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2).

How to begin

In the Project home tab, click the People icon on the left.


Project users tab:

To add a user to the list, click the Add user button. A text field  with a green check mark next to it is displayed, enter the user name, then click the green check mark. The user is added to your project.

To remove a user from the list, select a user in checking the check box next to her name, then click the Remove selected users button. When you remove a user from the project, all documents assigned to that user will no longer be assigned to anyone.

When you assign a user to a role on the Languages and roles tab, then the roles is listed in the Languages and roles columns.


Languages and roles tab:

Click into a row for a target language to invoke the Set users for dialog.

For local projects, the Set users for dialog looks the following:

Add the users on the Project users tab of the People pane, then go to the Languages and roles tab. Click into a row. The Set users for dialog appears. Check the check boxes for each users according to the roles you wish to assign them to: Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2. Click OK. The users appear assigned in those roles on the Project users tab of the People pane.

On the Translations tab, select a document or several or all, then click the Auto-assign link, the users are now automatically assigned to the roles indicated on the People pane. If you as the project manager enters a new name in one of the user roles, that name is added to the relevant cell in the columns. This means that you do not need to use the People pane in local projects.