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The Communication tab of the Settings pane in Project home is available only when you are managing online projects. In this tab, you can enable discussions for the project, and control e-mail notifications that the memoQ server sends when tracking the project workflow.


How to begin

Open an online project for management: On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command below the list. In the memoQ online project dialog, click the Settings icon on the left. Then click the Communication icon:



E-mail notifications

See also the corresponding Knowledge Base articles for example this one and E-mail templates.


Below the E-mail notification section, you can set the Confidentiality for your project. You can disable MT, TM and terminology plugins. Check the check boxes accordingly. All plugins are enabled by default.

In the Quality assurance measures section, check the Prevent delivering documents with QA errors check box to not allow translators to deliver documents that contain errors. If you have checked this check box in the New project wizard, then you will see the check box checked here. You can uncheck the check box here and allow delivery with QA errors.