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When you create an online project, you can choose the resource options for your packages: one option is the Create and include project TM and TB option to create a project TM and a project term base and to include these resources in the package. This happens when the package is created.

In a project TM, memoQ collects all segments from the translation memories and LiveDocs corpora that give a result during translation, no matter of the quality. Project TMs are subsets of large TMs that are relevant to translation projects.

Note: If you work on a local project, you can also create a project TM in the Statistics dialog. After you run statistics, click the Create project TM button to create a project TM.

A project term base only contains the terms from the project. The memoQ server performs a TB lookup for all segments, collects the IDs, and exports the found terms into a CSV file.

Note: The CSV has UTF-8 encoding, all fields are exported, and the comma is used as a separator.

The project TM and TB are named the same as the project. The assigned user is added. Example: Project TB-project_name_package-ML.

Note: The project TB creation works the same way when you use a qTerm term base for your project.

Project TMs and TBs reduce the size of a package, the package becomes smaller. This is also handy when your translator works in a country with bad Internet connection to download the package.