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Your vendors can deliver the entire package at once or in several parts, sending you back at least one document at a time. Partial deliveries where not all segments are translated can also be imported. memoQ keeps track of all this.

Receiving deliveries

Your vendors send you a package in a compressed file with the *.mqback extension. You can import the contents of this package in the Overview pane of Project home. Click the Handoff/delivery tab, then the Receive delivery link. Select the file that has been sent to you. memoQ gives you an overview of what documents were delivered. If your vendor did not confirm the changes but you still want to import the unconfirmed segments, turn on the Accept deliveries even if not all segments are confirmed/proofread check box.

Note: This is a typical scenario when your vendor does not work in memoQ.

You can accept multiple deliveries from the same vendor in the same project.

Advancing the workflow

Once your translator has delivered her translation, you may want to generate another handoff package for your reviewer. You can do this in the Overview pane of Project home. Click the Handoff/delivery tab, then the Create new handoff package link. You need to specify the workflow step (this time Review 1 or Review 2) and the deadline again. If your translators do not deliver their work at the same time, you can create several handoff packages for the different reviewers or review phases.