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Using the Regex text filter, you can instruct memoQ to process structured text files, and extract translatable content from them. memoQ can also extract context and comments for the imported content. You can mainly control the regex text filter through regular expressions.

The Regex text filter processes structured text files in three steps:

1.It breaks up the files into paragraphs.

2.Extracts paragraphs that contain translatable text.

3.From the extracted paragraphs, it extracts translatable text, and optionally context and comments.

The options of the filter follow these three steps: first, you need to specify how paragraphs are separated; second, you specify how an imported paragraph should look like; third, you list those parts that really need to be translated. This procedure requires writing up regular expressions, and this is something you can do through trial and error. Before you proceed with importing the file, you can always click the Preview tab to see what will be imported.

See also: You use regular expressions to describe patterns that paragraphs or their parts must match. memoQ uses regular expressions after the Microsoft .NET fashion. For a general description of .NET regular expressions, see the Microsoft documentation. For examples of using regular expressions in memoQ, see this help topic.

How to begin

In the Translations pane of Project home,choose Import > Import with options button on the Documents ribbon tab. In the Open dialog, select All files from the Files of type drop-down list. Click Open to proceed: the Document import settings dialog appears. From the Filter drop-down list, choose Regex text filter.

Note: If you have received pre-defined regular expression settings from another user, or there are such filter configurations available on a memoQ server in your reach, you can select the filter configuration from the Filter configuration drop-down list. In this case, it may be unnecessary to change the settings in the dialog.


General settings: Codepage, paragraph separation, and reference files


Paragraph settings: how does an imported paragraph look like?


Include/Exclude settings: Specifying what needs to be imported from inside a paragraph

Preview: Seeing what is imported and what is not