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You can create backup copies of your local projects, along with all resources registered in them.

Using the memoQ restore projects from backup wizard, you can restore local projects and local resources from memoQ backup files (.mqbkf files).

How to begin

In the Manage projects dialog, click the Restore from backup link, or on the Dashboard, click Restore on the Project ribbon tab.


In the memoQ restore from backup wizard, you can control how the local projects and their resources are restored from the backup files.

Important: You cannot restore backup files that were created in another (earlier or later) version of memoQ. If you want to restore a package that was made in a different version, install that version first, then restore the backup package.

Important: The backup/restore mechanism of memoQ copies the internal (binary) form of the project and resource files in the backup package. When you restore a backup package, all affected project files and resource files are overwritten. memoQ does not look at the contents of the files when restoring the files.

Occasionally, you can lose recent work by restoring a backup file. Do not restore projects from a backup file unless

the project was damaged on your computer, and you cannot access its contents, or

you are absolutely certain that the copy you are restoring is newer from the version on your computer (this is possible if the backup file was created on another computer).

Step 1: Select the backup package to restore

Step 2: From the backup package, choose individual projects to restore

Step 3: Ready to restore