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In memoQ – on memoQ servers –, you can set up moderated term bases. In a moderated term base, a terminologist or a project manager can review and approve new entries added by translators.

A moderated term base eases the burden of terminology research on the individual translator or the terminologist. In collaborative translation, anyone in the team can add new terms. memoQ will automatically include them on a list of entries that "need moderation".

Setting up a moderated term base

To set up a moderated term base, you need to have administrator or project manager access to a memoQ server: this means that your login must be member of the Administrators or the Project managers group on the server. Follow the steps below to set up a moderated term base:

1.In the Application menu, choose Resource console. The Resource console dialog appears.

2.In the Server URL box at the top, type or select the name or address of your server, then click Select.

Note: memoQ may ask for your user name and password at this point.

The Resource console will list the translation memories on the selected server.

3.On the category list on the left, click the Term bases icon. The list of term bases appears.

4.Below the term base list, click Create new. The New term base dialog appears.

In the Location section, click the Remote radio button. Otherwise, fill in the name, languages, and other settings the same way as you would when you create a regular term base.

5.At the bottom of the New term base dialog, tick the Moderated check box. If all other details are filled in, click OK to create the term base.

Note: The Late disclosure check box also becomes available (and ticked). This means that users in the Translators group will not see new entries until they are approved.

Important: You cannot make a term base moderated later. You need to set up moderation when you create the term base.

You can also create a moderated term base from within a project. You do not need an online project for this. From Project home, choose Term bases, and then make sure you create the new term base on a memoQ server. This way you will have access to the Moderated check box.

Reviewing and approving entries in a moderated term base

To review and approve entries, you need to have sufficient privileges to edit a term base. You need to be member of the Terminologists, Project managers, or Administrators group on the server.

Here is how you can review and approve entries:

1.In the Resource console or Project home, navigate to the Term bases pane. In the Server URL box, enter the name or address of your memoQ server, then click Select.

2.In the list of the term bases, find the term base that you need to review. Right-click the name of the term base, then choose Edit from the  popup menu. memoQ opens another tab with the term base editor grid. (Depending on the size of the term base, you might need to wait one or more minutes before the term base grid is displayed.)

3.From the Term base menu, choose Filter.  The Filtering and sorting dialog appears. In this dialog, tick the Needs moderation check box. (Look for the check box at the bottom of the dialog.) Then click Accept.

memoQ will restrict the term base grid to those entries that were added by members of the Translators group. If the Late disclosure option is turned on, these entries need to be approved before they are displayed for other translators.

An entry that needs moderation is marked by a red bullet at the leftmost cell of the row:

To approve the entry as it is, click the entry, then, on the Term Base Editor ribbon tab, choose Approve Current Entry. To approve multiple entries, select the entries first: press and hold down Ctrl, then click all entries you need to approve. Then you can use the Approve Current Entry command.

To correct and approve an entry: Correct the entry. You can type new target-language equivalents in the grid, or use the editing controls below the grid. When you confirm your changes (by pressing Enter, for example), memoQ will prompt you to approve the entry. Click Yes to do so. Alternatively, you can approve the entry first, and correct it second.

Note: This is the same as rejecting a change in the entry. If you want to reject a change that was made to a term base entry, you need to edit it to restore its earlier contents.

To reject an entry altogether, simply delete it: on the Term Base Editor ribbon tab, choose Delete.

Important: memoQ will not list entries that were deleted by translators. In the current memoQ version, there is no way to bring back a term base entry that was deleted.