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If you are a reviewer, you may wish to exclude the TM hits being generated by the translator, and rely on the master TM instead when doing your review of the documents.

Roles in TM enable you to store the memoQ role (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2) of the person who committed the segments to the TM. This allows to have parallel TM entries from different memoQ roles, and you can suppress (give a penalty) TM hits of a role, e.g. the reviewer only sees legacy segments as 100 and 101% matches.

All translation memories that you create from memoQ 2013 R2 and higher will include the Role field. For older TMs (created prior to memoQ 2013 R2) will be no update of all records, i.e., the roles will only be stored for newly added segments to the TM.

If you store the role in the TM:

memoQ will store the role for each segment that is added to the TM.

memoQ will treat the role information as part of the context for the affected segment, i.e. the same segment will be regarded differently if a different role is stored for that segment. This also means that the same source segment with the same preceding/succeeding segment can have three different translations by the 3 user roles (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2).

Roles will not affect 101% matches, unless you use penalties for a role. Penalties for user roles behave as other TM penalties (the given penalty is subtracted from the match rate).

You can use the check boxes in the Showing TM entries section to exclude TM entries from certain roles to show up in the Translations results pane.

When you open a TM in Edit mode to view or edit TM entries, then the TM editor contains a Modified by role field. You cannot edit this field, it shows you the Role of the user who committed this entry to the TM.

You need to migrate your TMs to the latest version to use the roles in TM feature when you add new entries to your TMs. The storage of the roles is enabled by default. You can disable it in the TM settings for your project, then the roles are not stored.


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