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In this category, you can control how the integration interface (the Web Service API) of the memoQ server is accessible.

Important: These settings are not available if the integration interface (WSAPI) is not installed. The WSAPI is a separate product: to acquire a license, contact Kilgray.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, choose Server Administrator. In the Category list, click Web Service interface.

Note: You need to access the desktop of the server, and run memoQ there to access these controls.


In the Base address section, you can set the URL and the port where the WS API is listening. Do not change this unless you can change the caller application too.

In the IP address filtering section, you can list IP addresses of computers that are allowed to access the WS API. If you have caller applications on one or two specific machines that have fixed IP addresses, click the Limit connections to a list of IP addresses radio button, and add the IP addresses to the list.

In the Fault handling section, you can check the Use advanced fault handling check box to use advanced fault handling. With this setting, memoQ server provides more details on the errors that occur when another application calls it through the Web Service API. The Web Service API documentation contains more information. To obtain the Web Service API documentation, contact Kilgray Sales (sales[at]kilgray.com).


Important: If you have WS API installed, you need to uninstall and install the new API when you upgrade the memoQ server.