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Use this dialog to control how memoQ imports SDLXLIFF files.

How to begin

On the Documents ribbon tab, click Import, and from the menu, choose Import With Options. The Open dialog appears, where you can locate and select one or more SDLXLIFF files. After selecting the files, click Open. In the Document import options dialog, select the files you need to customize, and click Change filter and configuration. Alternatively, click Change filter and configuration for all without selecting files.

Note: You can import segmented and unsegmented SDLXLIFF files into memoQ. If you want to pre-segment an SDLXLIFF file in SDL Trados Studio, import the document into Studio first, then right-click the file in the source language view, and click Prepare. SDL Trados Studio will pre-segment the document.


The SDLXLIFF filter allows you to configure the SDLXLIFF file import.

General tab

States tab

Additional comments tab