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When the memoQ server is installed, the administrator is asked to enter a password. The password strength is checked too. The password must be at least 12 characters long, should contain upper and lower cased words, digits and other symbols.

The memoQ server deployment tool also offers a password reset. In the Server administrator, go to the Security tab to manage account lockouts, i.e. in case of unsuccessful login attempts.


In the Account protection section, check the Enable account lockout check box to enable the account lockout options:

Account lockout threshold: Locks the account after 3 invalid login attempts. 3 is the minimum and default value, you can set it higher in the drop-down list.

Account lockout duration (minutes): Locks the account for a certain period, where 0 means that the administrator must enable the account manually.

Reset account lockout counter after (minutes): Enter a value for invalid password attempts which should happen within this time frame; after that, the counter for invalid attempts is reset.

If you enable this feature, then memoQ server checks if the password is valid. If the password is correct, the lockout counter is reset, and the user is authenticates. If the password is incorrect, the lockout counter is increased by one if the last login attempt has been within the specified account lockout counter after interval. If the counter reaches the account lockout threshold, the account is suspended for the time specified by the account lockout duration. If the lockout duration has expired, the account is enabled again, and the lockout counter is reset. If the lockout duration is 0, then the account must be manually enabled by an administrator.

Note: The lockout never affects the members of the Administrators group. Their accounts are never locked.

In the Locked accounts section, all locked accounts are listed. The list shows the user name and full name of the user. You can unlock an account individually.

Note: This feature is not enabled for existing memoQ servers by default, but is enabled for all newly installed memoQ 2014 R2 servers.