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You usually calculate the cost or the price of translation from the analysis you get from Statistics. The analysis tells you how much of the source text is covered by various TM and LiveDocs matches.

To calculate prices, you use multipliers - percent numbers - or weights. You don't charge - or don't pay - the same amount for a segment where there is a 100% and for a segment where there is no match at all. The multiplier - weight - for a type of match indicates how much you need to work on that match, compared to translating the segment from scratch.

In the Weighted counts pane of Server Administrator, you can set the weights that memoQ server will use. memoQ server will apply these weights to every online project that you create on this server. If you need to use different weights with a project, you need to open Server Administrator / Weighted counts again, and change them here.

How to get here

Open Server Administrator, and click Weighted counts.

What can you do?

Change the weights for each type of match. To change a weight, simply type a different number in the spin box next to the match type.

memoQ server will start using these weights next time you run Statistics on any online project.

The screenshot shows the default weights.

When you finish

Click Save.

To leave the Server Administrator, click Close.