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Every memoQ server can be configures to use either ELM or CAL licensing. The two licensing modes are exclusive. You can choose in the Server administrator > Configuration and logging > Licensing mode section. You can switch between both licensing modes, it only takes effect when you restarted your memoQ server.

Important: If you use a memoQ server in the cloud, hosted by Kilgray, the CAL/ELM options in the Server administrator is disabled. You can only use CAL for the cloud.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, choose Server Administrator. In the Category list, click CAL licenses.

Note: This category is only visible if you choose CAL licensing on the Configuration and logging tab.


Licenses in use tab


Grant to users/groups tab


Grant to computers tab


Project permissions tab


Project settings tab


Refused requests tab


Settings tab


Click Close to close the Server administrator dialog, saving all changes.


See also:

CAL guide for server administrators, available from the Kilgray website