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Use this dialog to manage users in your subvendor group on the memoQ server of your client.

If your organization does not own a memoQ server, but your group was granted access on the memoQ server of your client, you can access that memoQ server as a subvendor group manager, and manage the users in your group.

Note: If you are the administrator of the memoQ server, and you see the full view of Server Administrator, click here to view the full topic.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, choose Server Administrator.


In the Connection pane, type or paste the address of your client's memoQ server in the Server URL box, then click Select.

If memoQ displays the Enter user name and password dialog, enter the user name and password of the subvendor user account you received from your client.

Tip: If you want to force memoQ to display the Enter user name and password dialog, check the Force display of login window check box before clicking Select.

You might need to wait for several seconds while memoQ logs on to the memoQ server over the network. When the Status becomes Connected..., you can start managing users in your group.

See also: User management (subvendor)


Click Close to leave the Server Administrator dialog.