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memoQ offers the most sophisticated project management functionality among translation environments. You can set up multilingual projects, assign documents to translators and reviewers, configure the translation environment for your team members. You can also let them use your server-based resources. You save the cost of training your translators to set up memoQ projects and you can also ensure they always use the appropriate resources. In addition, memoQ's reporting features help to keep you updated on the progress of the project.

memoQ's project management functionality is not restrictive: if you use handoff and delivery packages, your team members can process memoQ's handoff packages in other translation tools.

memoQ is very flexible about configuring team projects. There are 2 workflow types:

Online projects with overlapping workflow: In these projects, translators and reviewers work with server-based resources (translation memories, term bases, etc.). The memoQ server takes care of synchronizing the documents of the translators, and collecting the translated or reviewed documents from the team members. The project manager can still control the project from any computer connected to the memoQ server. memoQ shows progress data as well. Translators have more control over the documents: they can join and split segments, and create views. On the other hand, the project managers have access to real-time progress information, and simultaneous reviewing is possible: reviewers do not need to wait until the translators deliver their work; they can start already while the translator is still working on it.

Online project with packages: The package-based workflow for online projects extends the workflow possibilities in memoQ and adds administrative functions. This makes your life as a project manager easier, especially on projects which contain a large number of files. Packages enable you to create packages from online projects (with or without memoQWebTrans).  Sometimes your workflow may require a mix: a package for one vendor or freelancer, and no package but a “normal” online assignment for a translator on the other hand. You can do both. You can adjust the workflow according to the project needs on the fly. Using packages can help you in the following scenarios:

oYou have a project with many users who would synchronize directly with huge TMs, performance issues may arise. Attaching an extracted TM (a project TM) for the project and handing off that package will reduce this burden – the central TM is used only for reference and updates at the end of projects.

oProject participants may have network bandwidth issues.

oYou may not want users to access your memoQ server.

oIf you are the customer, you can create packages for your vendors, and your vendors can proceed with the package also on their memoQ server.

Local projects with handoff and delivery packages: Such projects do not involve the server. The project manager creates a master project on her own computer, and assigns the documents to the translators and reviewers locally. The project manager edition of memoQ can create handoff packages based on these assignments. In the handoff packages, memoQ includes the documents and any translation memories, term bases, and other resources that are used in the project. The project manager e-mails the handoff packages to the translators and the reviewers. Team members open the handoff packages in their copies of memoQ translator pro. memoQ sets up the project for them. Once they finish working, they create delivery packages that contain the processed documents. The project manager receives the delivery packages in e-mail. The project manager edition of memoQ can update the master project from the delivery packages. This type of project works without a server. However, the project manager can use server-based resources in the master project. These resources will then be available to team members when they open their handoff packages.

Note: You need the project manager edition of memoQ to set up team projects.