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LiveDocs corpora are heavy resources. When you create a project, you can create or assign an existing corpus to the project. A corpus is a large and structured set of texts, and it can be either monolingual or multilingual. Multilingual corpora can be created from Alignment.

LiveDocs corpora can be used for pre-translating documents of your project. You can do so in selecting the Project TMs and corpora option in the Statistics dialog. Then memoQ will pre-translate using the corpus assigned to the project. By default, a 15% penalty is used for pre-translating with a corpus. The corpus hits are displayed in the Translation results pane.

memoQ allows you to tag a corpus with keywords and to search the corpus by them. This is helpful when the corpus grows and you are looking for specific parts. You can also easily create a corpus by sending you translated documents from the Translations pane to the corpus. Use the Add to LiveDocs button on the Documents ribbon tab.

Corpora can contain various reference materials (a previous version of a manual, binary files, images, a set of texts from alignment) that you can use similarly to a translation memory when you translate.


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