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Your project role determines if the segments you confirm become Translator confirmed, Reviewer 1 confirmed or Reviewer 2 confirmed. When you work in a local project you have created yourself – either because you did not receive the project from anybody else, or because you are the project manager –, you can set your own role.

In a local project, the Translator role is the default setting. The segments you confirm become Translator confirmed, indicated by a single green tick mark.

If you want to work in the proofreader role instead – as the "master reviewer" in the Reviewer 2 role – you can set this role for yourself in the Project home tab: go to Settings, and choose Reviewer 2 confirmed in the Confirming using status drop-down list:

From this point on, memoQ treats you as Reviewer 2: the segments you confirm become Reviewer 2 confirmed (proofread), indicated by a double green check mark.


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