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In the Settings pane of Project home, you can view and edit the meta-information of the project, and configure additional resources such as segmentation rules or QA settings for the current project.

How to begin

In the Project home tab (only available if you have a project open in memoQ), click the Settings icon on the left.

Items in the Settings pane

There are seven categories where you can configure various options for your project:

General: View and adjust meta-information for the project.

Content source: Set default behavior for adding and updating documents in a content-connected project. This category does not appear if the current project is not content-connected.

Segmentation rules: View and configure segmentation rules assigned to the project. Segmentation rules are light resources, and they are managed as such.

QA settings: View and configure quality assurance settings assigned to the project. These are light resources.

TM settings: View and configure translation memory thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.

LiveDocs settings: View and configure LiveDocs corpus thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.

Auto-translation rules: View and configure auto-translation rule sets assigned to the project.

Non-translatable lists: View and configure non-translatable lists used in the project.

Export path rules: View and configure export path rules used in the project.

LQA models: View and configure an LQA model to use in your project.

Font substitution: View and configure the font you wish to export your documents with.

You can choose the desired category by clicking the corresponding icon right below the Settings title.

Options in the General category

Resource categories


Within Project home, you can switch to any other pane by clicking the respective icon on the left. The name of the active pane is set in bold. For a list of buttons and panes, see the general topic for Project home.

If you switch to another tab, Project home stays open, ready to be accessed again. To close Project home, you need to close the current project.


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