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In this dialog, you can share a local resource on the server, so that other team members can have access to it. You can share all types of resources - translation memories, term bases and light resources. When you share local resource, memoQ creates a new resource on the server, and uploads the contents of the resource from your computer.


How to begin

Select a resource in any pane of the Resource console, and click the Share on server link below the resource list. If you are not connected to a server, this command is disabled.


Type the name by which you want to refer to the resource on the server. This name will appear in the Resource console. Then choose one or both of the following options:

Keep the local resource after sharing successfully check box: When this is selected, you will not lose the local copy of the resource after sharing it on the server. Deselect it if you do not need to keep the local copy.

Apply last permissions: If the resource was previously published on the same server, it still stores the permissions that applied to resource when it was removed. Choose this option to apply the same permissions again.


Click OK to share the resource on the server. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without sharing the resource.