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Sometimes it may happen that the document export fails. You can use memoQ's QA to solve issues on exporting a document.

1.Use the QA settings and edit them to:

spot XML irregularities and to

fix tags.

2.Run QA on the Review ribbon tab. Fix the issues.

3.Try to export the document again.

4.If the document export fails again, confirm and update the rows to your TM.

5.Check on the Kilgray website if there is a newer memoQ build available. If so, download and install the new build. Then reimport the document into the project.

6.Perform a test export. For this, copy source to target (on the Preparation ribbon tab, choose Copy source to target where empty).

7.Try to export. If the export fails again, turn to Kilgray Support. If the export is successful, pre-translate your document (on the Preparation ribbon tab, choose Pre-translate).

8.Check if all is pre-translated. If not, fill in the missing pieces.

9.Export the document.


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