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memoQ works with "special" inline tags, e.g., mq:ch for characters. These tags have a darker red background color that can be changed in the memoQ application menu > Options > Options > Appearance > Translation grid. By default, the special tag color is grey.

The following special tags are created by various filters when you import documents.

Special tag list:

tw:it: inline tags of TTX and Trados bilingual RTF files

st:it: inline tags from Star Transit if the Treat markup as XML option is disabled (otherwise, tags come through as "themselves")

mq:nt: placeholder for inline non-translatable text in RTF/DOCX files

mq:it: tags from memoQ table RTF files if the input doesn't make sense, and HTML tags from the Java properties filter

mq:ch: general placeholder tag for special characters, used e.g. in DOCX to represent tabs, and characters from the Symbols or WingDings fonts in the input

mq:gap: used during chained filter import in some document import cases, this tag is no longer used.

mq:rxt-req: required tags created by the Regex Tagger

mq:rxt: normal (not required) tags created by the Regex Tagger

mq:txml-ut: TXML tags when you import a Wordfast file

mq:pi: HTML and XML tag for processing information


Tags produced by the generic XLIFF filter if  the Mask with bpt, ept, ph or it inline tags option is selected in the General tab of the XLIFF filter in the Document import settings dialog:

bpt (only if the tag has a "val" attribute)

ept (only if the tag has a "val" attribute)

ph (only if the tag has a "val" attribute)

it (only if the tag has a "val" attribute)

Note: You can filter for tags. For instance, you have edited a Regex Tagger tag or turned text into a tag, you can filter for the "mq:rxt" tag to find your tagged text.