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In this dialog, you can set up instant filtering options for the translation grid.

How to begin

Open a document or a view in the translation grid. Above the grid, click the funnel () icon.


The Specify segment status dialog has four tabs that allow you to filter segments by their status, the comments and tags they contain, and their updated or synchronized state (in local copies of online projects).

Common filters: a simple choice of segment status filters

Status: the full choice of segment status filters

Updates and marks: See if the document was modified by another user

Comments and tags: filter segments by the text in comments and inline tags

Using more than one condition

If you check two or more check boxes (even on different tabs), memoQ shows segments that meet any of those conditions. In formal logic, this is called an OR relation. Only one condition works differently: Locked or not is in an AND relation with all the other selected settings.

To use more conditions in an AND relation: Do the steps below for each condition.

  1. Click the funnel  icon.
  2. Check one condition's check box.
  3. Click OK.

If no segments in the selected views or documents meet the conditions you choose, the view will be empty.


Click OK to filter the translation grid according to the settings in the dialog. Click Cancel to close the dialog without changing the view.