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The status bar is an information pane at the bottom of the memoQ window. This topic describes the status bar as it appears when you open the Translations pane. The status bar provides information about the progress of your project: project progress, user role progress, volume for each document.


Project: This value indicates the percentage of the project (segments translated in the project compared to all segments in the current project). The target language is also displayed here in brackets.

Selected folders: Shows the selected folders. This value is updated automatically when you use the Tree view. This value helps you for example in a project which contains source files imported from a folder structure with ten subfolders. Clicking on a few subfolders enables you to see how many words there are in total, and if the folder sizes are more or less equal. This can speed up the division of projects between several translators significantly.

Selected documents: Shows the selected document, followed by the total word count.

Total or weighted word count: If the status bar shows words or characters, you can choose to display the total or the weighted count. Normally, memoQ shows the total count. To show the weighted count, right-click the number, and choose Weighted.

Weighted count explained: To calculate prices, you use multipliers - percent numbers - or weights. You don't charge - or don't pay - the same amount for a segment where there is a 100% and for a segment where there is no match at all. The multiplier - weight - for a type of match indicates how much you need to work on that match, compared to translating the segment from scratch. To get the weighted count, memoQ multiplies the word count (or character count) that falls under a certain match rate by the weight that belongs to that match rate. The weight is a percent number, and it is supposed to show how much work is needed on matches of that type. To set the weights in local projects, open Options, choose Miscellaneous, and click the Weighted counts tab. To set the weights in online projects, open Server Administrator, connect to the server, and choose Weighted counts. memoQ always uses the same weights for every project - until you change them.

Note: When you change the progress based on (right click in the Translations pane, choose Base Progress On) value, then the document count is indicated either in words, segments or characters.

memoQ user roles: T, R1, R2 followed by the value indicating the progress percentage for this role.