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memoQ 6 introduced the subvendor group management. In this section, you find information on the subvendor user management and information on the subvendor memoQ online project management.

You can assign a subvendor group instead of individual users to roles. Each subvendor group has a subvendor group manager. This subvendor group manager is most likely the project manager of your LSP/vendor. This subvendor group manager can then assign individual users to the memoQ user roles (subvendor group users). You cannot see these users, only the subvendor group manager; he can also create new users on your memoQ server that you cannot see. Subvendor group managers have limited permissions on your memoQ server and also do not see your memoQ server users.

Subvendor group manager cannot update the master TM of your online project.

When you as the project manager assign documents to a subvendor group, then the subvendor group manager assigns the documents to the subvendor group users in the Translator, Reviewer 1 and Reviewer 2 role. You as the PM and project creator have e-mail notifications enabled. You also enabled Keep project managers in CC. However, you as the originator of the project are not included in the CC list, only the subvendor group manager. The project progresses and memoQ server sends out e-mail notifications (e.g. document delivered). You as the PM and originator of the project do not see the user names of the subvendor group, the full names are not exposed to you. Only the subvendor group manager does see the full names of the subvendor group users.


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