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Use this dialog to set up patterns to replace with inline tags in the active document. You can write the patterns in the form of regular expressions.

These patterns control memoQ's RegEx (regular expression) tagger, which is a secondary document filter. This means that the tagger runs after a document was imported. You can use the RegEx tagger to tag non-translatable elements in any text, or to process embedded HTML or XML tags that occur inside Excel sheets, databases, or XML files.

How to begin

When you are working on a document in the translation editor, choose Regex Tagger on the Preparation ribbon tab.


Loading and saving regular expression patterns

Setting up regular expression patterns


Click Run tagger now to close the dialog, and match your patterns against the text in the active document. Click Cancel to close the dialog without making changes.

Caution: The Run tagger now button does not save the rules. If you want to re-use the rule set for later tagging, click the Save icon at the top before leaving the Tag current document dialog.