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In the Terminology plugins category of the Options dialog, you can enable, disable, and configure terminology plugins that connect your copy of memoQ to external terminology portals.

How to begin

In the Application menu, go to Options > Options. Click the Terminology plugins category on the left.


This dialog allows you to enable, disable, or configure terminology plugins.

Perform terminology plugin lookups while working in the translation grid: Use this check box to use the terminology plugins while you work in the translation grid. Suggestions from the terminology plugins will appear in the Translation results pane of the translation grid. memoQ will perform terminology lookups through plugins that are enabled in the list of plugins.

In the Installed terminology plugins list, each terminology plugin has an Options button and an Enable plugin check box.

Options: Opens an Options dialog specific to the terminology plugin. In most cases, you can set the URL for an online terminology portal, and specify your user name and password.

Important: You might need to register with the terminology portal before you can use its plugin in memoQ. You cannot register from within memoQ: open the terminology portal in your web browser instead.

Enable plugin: By checking this check box, you instruct memoQ to actually use the terminology plugin for lookups while you are working in the translation grid.


Click OK to close the Options dialog, saving all changes made, or click Apply to save changes while keeping the dialog open. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.