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How to begin

On the Project home tab (only available if you have a project open in memoQ), click the Term bases icon on the left. The Term Bases ribbon tab appears.

Term base actions

Use the Term Bases ribbon tab to manage term bases in the local project or the checked out online project. The following buttons are available:

Term Base section:

Create/Use New: Opens the New term base dialog to create a new term base. This command also adds the term base to the project.

Register Local: Adds a resource that you have in the file system to the Resource console.

Properties: Displays the Term base properties dialog to change the meta-information and the lookup settings for the selected term base. You cannot display the properties of a term base that is not being used in the project.

Delete: Deletes the selected term base. You cannot delete a term base that is still in use in the project: remove it from the project first.


Project section:

Use In Project/Remove From Project: Adds the selected term base the project. If it is already added, removes it.

Set As Target For New Terms: Ranks this term base highest, and all your new terms are added to this term base. This term base is displayed in bold in the list. Use Ctrl+Q (Quick Add). When you invoke Ctrl+E for the first time, you can add another term base where your terms should be added to when you press Ctrl+Q. However, Ctrl+Q will list you the term bases you can add your term to, but you can only add the new term to one term base.

Raise Rank / Lower Rank: Allows you to rank your term bases in the project.


Terminology section:

Edit: Displays the Term base editor for editing the contents of the selected term base.

Import Terminology: Imports the contents of a CSV, Excel or TMX file into the selected term base.

Export Terminology: Exports the contents of the selected term base into a CSV or tab-separated text file.


Maintenance section:

Synchronize Offline: Creates a local copy of the selected online term base, or – if the local copy already exists – synchronizes the contents of the local and the remote copies: uploads any local changes, and downloads any remote changes.

Repair Resource: Starts the Repair wizard for the selected term base. Use when you think the term base is damaged.


memoQ server section:

Choose to edit a remote or local resource. If you select My Computer, then all local resources on your computer are available for editing. If you select a memoQ server, then you can also edit remote resources.