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Translation memory settings are a set of rules that specify translation memory parameters such as match thresholds and penalties. Thresholds are the limits that a match must pass so that it is considered as a match or a good match. Penalties are percentages that are automatically subtracted from match rates if the segments were not created manually but by alignment. It is also possible to add penalties to various users in the project.

Thresholds have default values inserted, and a third feature, Adjust fuzzy hits and inline tags is also enabled by default. This feature allows the automatic adjustment of numbers, ending punctuation marks, cases and inline tags within translation memory hits with less than 100% match rate. If you want to adjust these elements manually, you can disable the feature any time.

You can create several sets of TM settings but you can use only one in any given project. The TM settings pane of Project home or the Resource console allows you to work with every set on your computer or on a remote server. You can create new sets of TM settings, import and export existing sets, clone remote ones for use on your computer, and edit the properties of the selected set. If you click the Primary check box for any set in the list view, it will be selected as the active set of TM settings in the project. All other sets are listed but not considered when match rates are defined.

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