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Every time another person starts to work on a translation, or you create a snapshot explicitly, the minor version of the document changes.

Creating a snapshot of the document

New minor versions are automatically created when you perform certain operations, but you can also manually create a snapshot of your document. You will be able to use this snapshot for comparison.

To create a snapshot, choose Versions > Create snapshot on the Documents ribbon tab. In the Create document snapshot dialog, you can enter an optional comment that helps you remember why you created the snapshot.

Comparing previous versions of the document

You can compare any previous two versions of the same translation by right-clicking History/Reports in the Documents pane of the Project home or in choosing Versions > Create snapshot on the Documents ribbon tab, then select the two minor versions from the lower list, and clicking View differences using track changes.

This will open a document editor that shows the differences between two versions in a way that is familiar from Microsoft Word. You can only edit this document if you compared a version with the current version. Otherwise it is read-only.

Editing with change tracking in the translation document

If you want to see change tracking in the editor, open a translation document and select Track Changes on the Review ribbon tab.

Use Against Last Received Version if you want to highlight the changes you entered since the last version that you received. Use this, for example, to review the changes you made as a reviewer to the translator's translation.

Use Against Last Delivered Version if you want to highlight the changes others entered in your document. Use this if you are the translator and the project manager sent back the document with the reviewer's edits.

Use Against Last Inserted Match if you want to highlight the differences from the last inserted match in a segment and the match in the TM.

Use Custom if you want to compare the changes since a snapshot or any other minor version.

Export Changes To Word to export changes to Word.

Seeing the history of any row

If you want to see all the previous versions of the  row that you are editing, including comments and status, use Row history on the Review ribbon tab. This is particularly useful when you are working on an online project.