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When you have a project with several documents assigned to several translators, you may have identical segments in different documents assigned to different translators. You can decide whether these cross-file repetitions, if identical segments in different documents, are treated as repetitions or not in your Statistics.

You can also give priority to repetitions over 100% matches. Repetitive 100% matches are not counted as repetitions anymore but as single 100% matches.

The Statistics dialog contains 2 options:

Repetitions take precedence over 100%: Check this check box to give higher priority to repetitions in statistics than 100% matches.


When you analyse your files, memoQ finds:

oa repetition AND

onot the first occurrence of the repetition in your current analysis AND

ohas a 100% best match.

When you uncheck the Repetitions take precedence over 100% check box, then this segment is added to the 100% matches in your statistics. Check this check box and add these matches to the Repetitions in your statistics count.

Disable cross-file repetition: If you do not check this check box, then memoQ treats repetitions being found in different documents as repetition in the statistics. Check this check box to not count identical segments as repetitions. This option has no effect on Post Translation Analysis.