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From memoQ 2013 R2 and higher, memoQ can store the memoQ user roles in your Translation Memory. When a segment is confirmed to the TM, the user role (Translator, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2) is also stored.

Reviewers would often like to exclude the TM hits created by the translator and rely only on the master TM when they review a document.

When the user roles is stored in the TM together with the TM entry, then the user role is displayed next to the user name below the Translation results pane.

Use the filter and sorting options to filter for entries from a specific user role.

The role is also available on the Translation ribbon tab:

In online projects, where the role is fixed/assigned to you, these commands are disabled. When the role is changeable, then the selected role is in synchronization with the value set in Project home > Settings > Confirm using status.


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