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When you use memoQ in the project manager edition and you work in an online project with XML files, you can export your source XML files with leverage information.

Note: This option is only available if you have a license for it. This license is separate. Please contact your sales person for further information. This special Add-in license enables Review XML export.

If you have this add-in license, you can do the following:

1.Create an online project, and import your XML files.

2.Pre-translate your XML files. The match rate is inserted from the TM.

3.In the online PM window of the Translations pane, there is a special command to export your selected XML files with leverage information (inserted match rate). The dialog contains 2 options: Export source text and Export target text. All selected XML files will be exported with review markup (text plus leverage information in the form of processing instructions). One contains source texts for review word count, the other contains target text for the actual review. The leverage information is based on the latest inserted match.