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memoQ errors prevent the export of a document, warnings don't. Warnings can also be ignored, errors can't.

Warning: If you see the symbol, there are warnings related to XML, quality assurance or another cause. If you double-click the  symbol, you get information on the nature of the warning. If a warning memoQ raised is false, you can also set it to ignore. Ignored warnings are displayed with the symbol. If you receive a bilingual file and a quality assurance check was performed on it before sending, you will see the warnings.

Error: If you see the symbol, there is an error. Probably the number of tags in the source segment and the number of tags in the target segment are not equal, but other causes are also possible - for example, you may have left out a required attribute of an inline tag from the translation or a placeholder tag has not been inserted. When you correct the error, the symbol disappears. If you double-click the symbol, you get information on the nature of the error.