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Using the content connector service, you can set up memoQ to watch a folder for documents to translate, and import all new documents that are placed in that folder.

This is useful if you work on a single larger translation project, and you receive updates to the source-language content from time to time. If you are using the content connector, you do not need to create a new project when a new batch of documents arrives, and you do not have to add the documents manually to the memoQ project.

You need to set up a content-connected project that points to the folder where all new and updated documents are placed. Whenever you open the project, memoQ checks that folder for changes, and imports all new or updated documents.

If you are receiving the new and updated documents in e-mail, you need to save the documents in the folder that memoQ is watching.

Creating a project that watches a folder on your computer

Managing changes in the project

Delivering your translation