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memoQ 2015 (7.8) introduces the following new features:

PM Dashboard: Navigate your project list easier, sort and search the Dashboard, show project alerts and get more details for each project. The Manage projects dialog also reflects the new Dashboard options.

Translator Dashboard: Start a project by dragging and dropping files into the Dashboard.

Customize the ribbon: Check out the new Workflow ribbon tab if you work in the project manager edition of memoQ.

New keyboard shortcut customization: you can now easily assign new shortcuts and change existing ones.

Patch fuzzy TM matches options in the Hit list filter settings and under Options > Miscellaneous > Lookup results. If this check box is checked, memoQ will attempt to fix matches automatically. Check the Include TM fragments (LSC hits) to include sub-string matches in the automatic fixing. Check the Store patched match rate instead of the original match rate check box if memoQ should overwrite the TM match with the fixed match and displays the fixed match rate at the bottom right corner of the Translation results pane. A fixed match can never exceed 94% as match rate. This feature is also referred to as MatchPatch.

Pin your most used project templates to the Project ribbon tab.

Send automatic error reports to Kilgray in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.50 and higher.

Use regular expressions in Find and replace and document filtering in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.100 and higher. Search inside tags from memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Easier login to memoQ servers in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.100 and higher. It looks the same everywhere now.

Set up custom QA checks using regular expressions and other QA improvements in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Insert custom inline tags using the keyboard in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Quickly insert pairs of common inline tags in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Calculate weighted word counts and customize weights in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Get an enhanced QA report in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Synchronize just one document, and not the entire project in checkouts of online project - from 7.8.150.


More improvements and tweaks:

Attach your LQA model after you imported your documents.

Import more information from SDLXLIFF files (comment handling).

Improved number population.

Improved number substitution.

Use memoQ term bases and qTerm term bases in your project.

Optionally, receive exact matches when the difference in a match is only the numbers (7.8.100 and later)

Highlight target segment if the best TM match is different from the existing translation in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Quicker project checkout: preview and export skeleton is not downloaded until necessary in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

In multilingual Excel documents, you can break segments where there is a line break within the cell in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

For XML documents, pick filter configuration automatically by the root element in memoQ 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.

Import new types of contents (introduced in Office 2010 or later) from PowerPoint and Word files, and set compatibility with earlier Office versions - from 7.8.150.


For memoQ server users:

Improved scripting before importing and after exporting documents into a memoQ project. The memoQ server deployment tool contains new options for allowing scripting (see memoQ server installation guide, available at the Kilgray website). You can then define scripts for import and export in the project templates.

Note: This is for advanced users.

Group members can now start projects (lightweight PM groups). When you are a member of a lightweight PM group, you can create online projects or projects from a template - depending on the settings made in the Group properties. You can use project templates that you have permission to. The goal is that you can combine multiple things, including: the ability to launch projects; to create and edit users; and to have full control over resources (TMs, TBs etc.). This prevents organizations from partitioning project management. As an organization you can define groups of project managers that all have access to their own resources and projects but not those of PMs from a different group.

memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.50 and higher) introduces the online file system. Add automatic file export operations and download your files.

memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 and higher) introduces memoQ web licenses. A web license is required when a user connects to memoQWebTrans or qTerm, or reaches the server from a third-party tool such as SDL Trados Studio.

memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 and higher) allows administrators of subvendor groups to update project documents from bilingual files, so that subvendors can also review translations outside memoQ, and get their corrections back.

memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 and higher) disables Language Terminal tracking for online projects. This happens because Language Terminal itself is undergoing a major reconstruction. The restriction is temporary: Language Terminal project management capabilities will return to online projects in a future release of memoQ.

Customize weights for weighted word counts in memoQ server 2015 builds 7.8.150 and higher.


For memoQWeb users:

memoQWeb introduces the user and group management via the web. You can now create and manage users and groups via the web. You can even do more: create/edit several users at once.

A revamped document list for memoQWebTrans: online tasks and package tasks tabs. Navigate easy to your tasks or packages; use new filter options and document operations.

memoQWeb 2015 (build 7.8.50 and higher) also includes the online file system. Download your files directly from memoQWeb.

memoQWeb 2015 (build 7.8.50 and higher) enables you to do a bilingual update workflow as you may be familiar with it in memoQ.