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You can receive a handoff package from local projects, or you can receive a package created from an online project.

You as a translator receive a *.mqout file from your project manager for either local or online projects. If you are allowed to, you can also check out a package from a memoQ server like you do for an online project.

When you deliver a package for an online project, you have 3 options:

You may only be able to create a *.mqback file if you have no access to the memoQ server of your customer or vendor. You can send this file back to your project manager in an e-mail.

You can also upload the *.mqback file to memoQWebTrans. Login to memoQWeb using the same credentials as you log in to the memoQ server to check out an online project. The Document list page is displayed, here you can not only download a package but also upload a return package.

Note: If your project manager only allows you to work with packages, then it is impossible to open a document from WebTrans.

You are allowed access to the memoQ server of your customer or vendor, then click the Deliver/return button on the Documents ribbon tab, the return package is automatically created and uploaded to the memoQ server of your customer. This is the default delivery.


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