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In memoQ, you need a primary (working) TM where memoQ stores all segments when you confirm them. This is most likely your working TM.

A working TM is the TM which is the target TM to confirm segments during translation and review phases.

But you may also have a master TM where you store all translations once the projects is finished and delivered. Your master TM contains the final and approved translations.

If you check out an online project as translator and the project manager has set the working TM to be the master TM at the same time, you can change this in your local copy of the project. This way, you can confirm translations into your own TM. Nothing changes in the online project, only your own local copy.


Even though you set the master TM as working TM, you are not  able to write into it (if you have no direct permissions for it, i.e., in the scenario where the master TM has the default permissions, and you as the translator are not a member of any group). Implicit project permissions gives the PMs admin rights to the master TM, but only lookup rights to everyone else.

If you change TMs around in your local copy of the project, and then the PM makes changes in the online project, then the next full synchronization overrides your choices in the local copy and applies the PM's latest settings.

memoQ allows you to differentiate between a working and a master TM in your project. In the project templates, configure automated steps to delete your working TM and automatically confirm and update your master TM.

Important: In a subvendor workflow, the subvendor PMs only get the same implicit permissions in projects as regular translators. in particular, they only get lookup permission for the master TM. A Subvendor PM can not update the master TM in the online project.


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