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XLIFF:doc is part of the TIPP package.

How to begin

When you import a TIPP package, you can customize the filter for the XLIFF:doc in the package. From the Dashboard, click the Import TIPP package command link. On the Project ribbon tab, choose Import Package > TIPP Package. After locating and selecting the TIPP file, the Import TIPP package wizard starts. In this wizard, you can specify a name and location for the memoQ project that will contain the information extracted from the package. This wizard is similar to the New memoQ project Wizard.

Note: TIPP packages can only be imported into local projects.


In the second page of the import wizard, you can configure the XLIFF:doc filter. Click the Configure the XLIFF:doc filter link to configure the XLIFF filter in the Document import settings.

Note: You can also import XLIFF:doc files from the Translations pane. Choose Import > Import with options button on the Documents ribbon tab, then navigate to the XLIFF:doc file.

Generic tab:

In the Translation units section, you can specify whether you import the translation units and lock them or not to import them.

In the Multiple source files section, you can specify whether you want to import several XLIFF:doc files as one single document into memoQ, then click the Import as one document option; or you can import the source files as individual documents. In this case, click the Import as individual documents option.


Status mapping tab:

On this tab, you can map the XLIFF:doc status for import and export. Please read Import features of XLIFF:doc.


See also:

Supported and unsupported features