In a memoQ online project, this is where you distribute work among several users for several documents. You can send work to one user per workflow step, but you can send work on the same documents to several translators at once.

Project manager edition only: You can't distribute work from memoQ translator pro.

You can send work to a subvendor organization: This topic is about sending work to individual users. To learn more about subvendor organizations, see the topic 'Assign documents to subvendor group'.

How to get here

Open a memoQ online project for management. In the memoQ online project window, choose Translations. Select one or more documents. Right-click the selection, and choose Assign...

If the project is already launched, you need to unlock it first


What can you do?

Assign translation, review 1, or review 2 to a single user

Search for users, and filter the user list

Using Language Terminal? Check the availability of translators and reviewers

Distribute documents evenly among several users

FirstAccept: Assign a group of users to the documents for bidding - the first user to accept the documents gets to do the work

FirstAccept: Check who rejected and who accepted the assigned documents

GroupSourcing: Assign a group of users to the documents to work together

GroupSourcing: Check who is working on a document that was assigned to a group

When you finish

Click OK to assign the documents to the selected user or users.

Click Cancel to close the window without assigning users.