You can distribute work from a local project. After you list the participants in the People page of Project home, memoQ can automatically assign them to the documents in your project.

You can set this up in the Auto-assign documents window.

Project manager edition only: You can't distribute work from memoQ translator pro.

How to get here

1.Create or open a local project.

2.Add the participants to the People page of Project home. Do not forget to set a role and a language pair for everyone on the Languages and roles tab. When memoQ looks for a suitable participant for a document, it checks the role (translator, reviewer 1, reviewer 2) and the language pair.

3.If there are no documents in your project, add them.

4.Select the documents that memoQ must automatically assign to people. In the Documents ribbon, click the down arrow below the Assign icon. From the menu, choose Auto-Assign.


What can you do?

Check how memoQ will assign the documents

Choose options for automatic assignment

When you finish

To assign the selected documents: Click OK.

To return to the document list without changing the assignments: Click Cancel.